Chinese trade deal as nightmare for oppressed people in Africa.

Poblic enemies

Poblic enemies

China became the nightmare for people living under dictatorship in Africa. Starting from Zimbabwe to Sudan and now Guinea, Chinese investment is no good for ordinary people. We are not against their deal with African countries, but the painful is the fact that every time people are abused and human right is violated in a country, when international voice rises in favor of the human right China is there to deal with that regime; not only the guilty regime will continue defying the international community, but also, its exactions against its own people will continue. For example, after soldiers loyal to Guinea’s military junta butchered at least 150 pro-democracy unarmed demonstrators calling for civilian rule, a deal for oil and mineral rights worth around $7 billion has been struck between the Junta and China. That, at any rate, is being trumpeted by Guinea’s mines minister. He says the China International Fund, a large Chinese firm, will be a strategic partner in an array of projects throughout Guinea. It seems that China’s commercial march across Africa will continue unabated, however vile the human rights record of the governments it seeks to befriend.

China, seeking to feed its hungry market and its competitive economy, takes advantages of others people’s dire straits to reach its goal. Its so-called commercial deal with sub-Saharan countries is nothing but a cruel human exploitation in the twenty-first century. Whoever thinks that such deals are beneficial for those countries’ infrastructure development, I urge you to take some of your time and look for the reality on the field. Their oil deal with Sudanese government in order to feed their hungry energy market need encourages Al-Bashir’s government in its persecution against its own people in Darfur and makes Al-Bashir continue defying the international community on human rights issues in that region.  

So, Chinese trade deal, if it is materialized, would be an advantage for the Junta in Guinea, although China hasn’t yet confirmed it. So Guinea’s government may have announced it to give itself a boost. Guinea’s opposition has condemned China for canoodling with a brutal regime and denies that the deal, if it is materialized, would benefit ordinary Guineans.
Guinean ministers stress that the deal is with a private Chinese company not Chinese government. But we know that it is bound to reinforce an impression that China cares little about human rights in Africa. The Chinese government has long proclaimed a policy of non-interference. We know that, but it mustn’t be wherever people are oppressed. We like trade deal with China as with any other nation as long as such deal is not reinforcing brutal regimes as the case in Sudan and now Guinea. In other words, those multi-million trade deal mustn’t be constructed on other people’s misery. So, I think China must change its trade policies and act responsibly; not always back up bloody regimes in boosting its own economy by taking advantages of other people’s long-suffering.

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