The growing Chinese takeover on businesses in Africa

Since the end of the civil war in Angola Chinese investment and Chinese worker are growing more than expected, some call it invasion or even neo-colonialism. Despite their huge investment on the continent, Chinese takeout doesn’t anounce good news for the local population. Do you know that they bring all of their employees with them? Go to Backlash against Chinese workers in Africa.  Watch this video.

Have your say. And use your own analysis to impact Africa’s future.

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One Response to The growing Chinese takeover on businesses in Africa

  1. Jacob says:

    I think what is happening today in Africa, which concerns the suppression of the local businesses in behalf of Chinese investment, is a huge mistake. And I think in the near future, with promoting democracy in the continent as we see in some sub-Saharan countries, people will start punishing their own leaders in the elections if this one is fair and transparent which is far from being the case in many African democracies. I think, leaders who are selling their countries to China today, most of them will stand behind the bars to answer to many questions. In the other hand, China doesn’t care about pumping these poor countries wealth and leaving them with an empty sac; transparency itself is not beneficial for China, because they have a hungry market and they will feed it by any mean possible. So, it is so sad for Africans whose natural wealths become prey for China.

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