Hypertension, why it has become so common

In the last thirty years or so, the number of people who have suffered the effects of hypertension has increased dramatically.
Because our genes have not changed all that much in the past one hundred years or so, our genes cannot be the cause for this sudden rise in issues relating to high blood pressure. The other popular explanation for the rise in hypertension in recent years is our changes in diet; unfortunately this cannot be the entire cause either.
Fifty to one hundred years ago, many people were eating a lot more fatty food, and there were not nearly this many issues relating to hypertension. So what is causing hypertension to be on the rise, if it is not what doctors and the medical community claims that it is?
In other words, while genes and diet may have some sort of an effect on the number of people suffering from hypertension today, and the surprising growth over the past thirty years or so, there is a completely different cause that not enough people have made themselves aware of.
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