Positive influence and self-confidence building.

How to build self-confidence and have good influence on people.

Are you looking to influence people? If so, I invite you to read this article.

If you want to be a good influencer you have to build a self-confidence (trust yourself, you know more than you think you do), look sound, and act convincing. You can take steps to increase your self-confidence, to improve your ability to interact with others, hence, build trusting relationships.

How to build self-confidence? First of all, learn to communicate with confidence, to increase your poise and self-assurance. And to be good enough, try to learn quickly from your mistakes and build on your personal strengths.

Do you know why people practicing meditation are successful in their exercises? It is because they always develop one step at a time. So you have to act likewise, but first of all, set yourself a goal in the organization you want to be listened in and your ideas trusted. Then, try to develop your confidence one step at a time. If you proceed like that, you will achieve each task you set yourself and reinforce what you learn. Don’t hesitate to approach your co-workers and ask them to brief you on what is going on in their field. If you are working in a company or whatever it be, begin by contributing effectively within the staff; speak up at meetings you attend and work up to more ambitious presentations. One of the most important things to do is to tolerate nervousness because it is the price you pay for your progress.

However, I strongly recommend you to set yourself some exercises one or two times a week. Meditation is good thing to do, because it allows you to learn the arts of relaxation which will be your most important aid. Don’t forget that when you are relaxed, you can think clearly and respond to new challenges which you may face in the performance of your tasks. Also, meditation is a powerful stress-relieving tool that you can practice anytime, anywhere to relieve tension, improve concentration and re-energize.

Learn to stay calm whatever the situation. For that you have to use the relaxation techniques you learned until the challenges you face become second nature. Don’t give up in front of a mistake or inability to achieve a task; but take it as an opportunity to learn something. Successful people always learn from their own mistakes. So disconnect yourself from the situation and ask yourself what you have learned from a possible mistake or failure to achieve a task. Once again, don’t regard it as a failure, but an important lesson for a potential challenge.

Did you know that Angelina Jolie was a very depressive girl and once wanted to hire someone to kill her in order to make it easy to her family? But you see how successful she is now? If you ask her, she will tell you that she learned how to practice relaxation techniques. It is your turn to give it a try. I invite you to visit me again as I will be talking about how to develop good influential attitudes.

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One Response to Positive influence and self-confidence building.

  1. Self-confidence really is the key to happiness and success. Many people who lack confidence just think that “this is how I am”. This may well be the case, but once you add “and this is how I want to be” you then allow yourself to seek ways in which to build your confidence. Simply by focusing upon what you want, your mind begins to think in a different way and confidence is actually built far more easily than you might previously have imagined.

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