Are you safe on the internet? Have you ever been cheated while banking online?

I think you could have read a pop up message during your surf telling you to scan your PC for free, and you may have clicked on it to scan it because it is not supposed to cost you a dime. And after scanning you probably got the result informing you that your computer is infected and to fix it you have to click on “fix” or “fix all”. But after performing the operation a message informed you that the DriveCleaner couldn’t fix every problem and you have to buy the full version of their DriveCleaner to fix all problems and make your PC run faster. I hope you didn’t enter your credit card number in their supposed product application form.

Believe me, I’m used to get such scammers’ conspiracy messages many times, especially when I open a web page which concerns computer security or to download a software. I remember at the very first time when I got that pop-up message I performed the scanning and I got a result telling me that my PC has 380 problems. I was asked to click on “fix all” after doing it I waited for a while then got another message saying that the driver couldn’t fix everything and asking me to buy the full version of the their Driver which will fix and make my PC run faster. You know what I did? I never entered my credit card information in their site, but I went to a software store and asked for system maintenance software. I bought good Tune-up software, and installed it on my computer and performed the same operation; you know how many problems were there? Not more than 2 problems in the registry. And there is something I want to tell you, please be very careful with free anti-virus software. If you do online banking I don’t recommend it. Go yourself to software stores and buy yourself an anti-virus containing spyware and so on, it is safer and most reliable. I would like you to click on the following link to read the article about scammers’ conspiracy against internet users. Three men charged with $117m fake virus clean-up scheme. Be aware of the fact that millions of computer users are set up (cheated) daily on the internet. Scammers can create an image of your Bank website and collect your personal bank account information while you are banking online because you don’t know it is a faked website. If you get a message while banking online telling you that there is a problem with your account or your credit card and asking you to enter your bank account information, please do not do it, but call your Bank and discuss the problem with them or get up and go to the Bank yourself. A friend of mine experienced the same problem I was there, so I told her to call the Bank and ask what happened with her account number, you know what? They said there is no problem with her account or credit card. If you are processing an online operation involving your personal information and you see that it is taking longer please cancel it quickly and close everything, it is better for the safety of your personal banking information. Let your friends and relatives know that they may well be targeted by scammers online if they do banking operation on the World Wide Web. Do not rely on free spyware software, you are safe.

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