How to figure out your goal

In the previous post I was talking about building influential attitudes and how to plan for a successful future. In this post I’m going to introduce you to well-defined steps to follow for finding your career direction, in case you still thinking how to start.

Setting your Goal
First of all, let see what goal means.
Well, if you are with me, I’ll say, goal is nothing more than your statement of intention; that is, your personal declaration of what you want and what you plan to focus on. what if we say, what you intend to achieve.
In order your goal to be effective, it has to be:
1) Specific, that is, it has to specify in detail your desired result
2) Measurable, the goal states your target in measurable terms so you will know when you have arrived as well as where you are at any specific time.
3) Achievable, a goal is physically possible to accomplish within any defined limitation
4) Realistic, the achievement of your goal depends not only the specific time you allocate to it, but also the availability of resources in that purpose, and
5) Timed, there must be a calendar date by which you plan to achieve it

If these are the characteristics of your goal, it would be meaningful and then you can start by  identifying your values as I said in the previous post. Get clear on what is important to you. Although the set of values you hold dear today will surely change in the course of your life. Let say, if today you consider intellectual stimulation and friendship as strong values, in another stage of your life you will prioritize family life and friendship. It is likely that no one job will honor all of your values, but bear in mind that the important is to know what your values are, so you know what kind of compromise you are willing to make.

And the next step is to know your interests; you can come to that by paying attention to what you like to do. Take some times and think about it. What do you like reading about, what your interesting topic is. You can make a list of activities you like and prioritize what you like most. Some of them may turn into a career.

Have you done a job interview? I hope so. You know what interviewers like asking about your strengths, because they want to know at what specific situation you may serve the company at a successful point. So next thing to do in defining your goal is to identify your skills and strengths, as you know, everybody got some. If you can define your strengths ask someone close to you, such as your co-workers, your friends, your co-students, even your family. But the best groups to say what your strengths and skills are, are your co-workers and your follow students, because you are in a practical fields with them, everyone knows what the other is good in. you know I can ask a friend what he thinks my greatest strengths are, but if it is a colleague from work, I will say: what do you see as my greatest strengths? You may be pleasant surprised at what you hear in response.

However, when you finish looking at your values, interests, skills and strengths, you may figure out what careers fit you best. Start doing your search. Network as we say, it is the important step in setting your career life.

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