Anxiety and Stress

 The role of Vitamin B Complex in soothing Anxiety and Stress  
Everyone of us experiences anxiety and stress from time to time—a stalled car, a missed deadline, a silly argument with a friend. All of these situations can cause stress that at the moment may feel insupportable, but that eventually pass. However, if you suffer from chronic anxiety or stress, every day can feel unbearable. The pressure of constant tension and worry can exhaust you mentally and physically, making it difficult to accomplish even small tasks, much less attend to your family and job. Prescription medications have enjoyed much success in relieving chronic stress and anxiety, but if you are looking for a more natural solution, you do have options. Nevertheless, beware: never take any herb, vitamin or other supplement, especially if you are already on a prescribed medication, without consulting your doctor first

 According to some studies, taking a daily vitamin B complex helps soothe stress and anxiety, specifically one that contains vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 . Research has demonstrated that people with depression have significantly low levels of vitamin B6, and that a deficiency in vitamin B3 (niacin amide) can cause severe depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, stress, and in untreated cases, dementia and psychosis. In addition, according to, studies indicate that vitamins B12, B1 (riboflavin) and B2 (thiamin) have been shown to elevate mood, soothe anxiety and depression, and regulate the body’s stress response. To read more, go to Vitamin B Complex And Health

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