Organizing activities

Hello dear visitor, I spent a lap of time without updating this blog, but the fact is, whatever our techniques of managing life and its day-to-day activities, we find it hard some times. it is not the reason for not been online. It is just, because I was too busy that I hardly find time for my interest, which is writing and sharing my knowledge with others.

I met somebody last week who asked me why I have stopped writing, because he enjoyed reading me; I told him that I was knocked by an incredible amount of duties and I could hardly find my way out of it. Guess what? He told me, I read something from your writing sometimes ago, which says: A magnificent leader is the one who has ability to delegate tasks and knows how to solve problems, how could you find yourself stacked with a lot to do without knowing how to find your way out? I said, good question. When I went back home, I went through my articles and found this part of writing in my notes:

“Ability to delegate Tasks

Trust is an essential element in the relationship of a project leader and his or her team. You demonstrate your trust in others through your actions – how much you check and control their work, how much you delegate and how much you allow people to participate. Individuals who are unable to trust other people often fail as leaders and forever remain little more that micro-managers, or end up doing all of the work themselves. As one project management student put it, “A good leader is a little lazy.”  What an interesting perspective!”

“Problem solving skills

Although an effective leader is said to share problem-solving responsibilities with the team, we expect our project leaders to have excellent problem-solving skills themselves. They have a fresh, creative response to here-and-now opportunities, and not much concern with how others have performed them.”

What marked me here is the fact that I could myself be a little lazy and have excellent problem solving skills. I tried to abstract some from these two paragraphs and apply it to my day-to-day activities. What happened is, because I’m not leading a team in my activities now, but I come to divide my responsibilities into the most important, important, less important and what can wait. Then I found that I had two most important activities, three important, one less important and two that can wait, so I belled them as follow: A1, A2 (most important); B1, B2, B3 (important); C (less important); and D1, D2(that can wait). By doing this, I came to finish solving everything in one week what was expected to be finished in three weeks. I could hardly believe it. So I said, it could be interesting to share this experience on this blog. Take what I write and apply it when and where needed, you’ll appreciate the idea.

So, an excellent project manager starts by managing their daily life, at home before going to the office.

Don’t forget to leave me few lines if you have other heavy weight lifting techniques.

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