About me

The Pragmatist.
I would describe myself as someone who is stable, both emotionally and morally. I have an intense desire to provide the highest quality service possible at all times. I possess a passion for excellence in all facets of my work. I have been described as someone who is

New Pragmatist

open-minded,  conscientious, responsible, respectful, hard-working, pefectionist and pragmatist.
I often wear my heart on my sleeve, sometimes to a fault. I also have a tendency to be

brutally honest with those around me. I tend to prefer to be around those who aren’t concerned with materialistic or superficial displays of material worth. I have been told

that I have a rather infectious laugh and can appreciate a good night out at a comedy club or a pub with few friends enjoying their company. I’m graduated in telecommunication and General linguistic at the university of Geneva Switzerland. I liked linguistics but I found it so complex than you may think. I like telecommunication too, I spend most of my spare time with my IT books and sometimes I like contemplating the stars and the faraway galaxies, That’s a passion plus.
I worked as administrative assistant and a customer service clerk where I had the opportunity to use both of my majors.
Today, i spend more time with my computer than with my buddies. I like surfing the wold wide web in research of information. I like informing and being informed, that’s why I like writing blogs; it is a part of my passion.


One Response to About me

  1. Jorge Pacheco says:

    Hola amigo!!

    Je suis très fier de ton site web et je l’apprécie beaucoup, chaqu’un des nous a des différents objectives et passions dans la vie et tu connais les miêmes et même s’on est très différents et très loin, pense-toi que t’aurais toujours un ami avec qui tu pourrais compter, félicitations!!

    Jorge Pacheco

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