Changing things

If we wants to change things, we could do it. After changing things, we should adapt to the new way.

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Organizing activities

Hello dear visitor, I spent a lap of time without updating this blog, but the fact is, whatever our techniques of managing life and its day-to-day activities, we find it hard some times. it is not the reason for not been online. It is just, because I was too busy that I hardly find time for my interest, which is writing and sharing my knowledge with others.

I met somebody last week who asked me why I have stopped writing, because he enjoyed reading me; I told him that I was knocked by an incredible amount of duties and I could hardly find my way out of it. Guess what? He told me, I read something from your writing sometimes ago, which says: A magnificent leader is the one who has ability to delegate tasks and knows how to solve problems, how could you find yourself stacked with a lot to do without knowing how to find your way out? I said, good question. When I went back home, I went through my articles and found this part of writing in my notes:

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Anxiety and Stress

 The role of Vitamin B Complex in soothing Anxiety and Stress  
Everyone of us experiences anxiety and stress from time to time—a stalled car, a missed deadline, a silly argument with a friend. All of these situations can cause stress that at the moment may feel insupportable, but that eventually pass. However, if you suffer from chronic anxiety or stress, every day can feel unbearable. The pressure of constant tension and worry can exhaust you mentally and physically, making it difficult to accomplish even small tasks, much less attend to your family and job. Prescription medications have enjoyed much success in relieving chronic stress and anxiety, but if you are looking for a more natural solution, you do have options. Nevertheless, beware: never take any herb, vitamin or other supplement, especially if you are already on a prescribed medication, without consulting your doctor first

 According to some studies, taking a daily vitamin B complex helps soothe stress and anxiety, specifically one that contains vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 . Research has demonstrated that people with depression have significantly low levels of vitamin B6, and that a deficiency in vitamin B3 (niacin amide) can cause severe depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, stress, and in untreated cases, dementia and psychosis. In addition, according to, studies indicate that vitamins B12, B1 (riboflavin) and B2 (thiamin) have been shown to elevate mood, soothe anxiety and depression, and regulate the body’s stress response. To read more, go to Vitamin B Complex And Health

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Three Herbs for Healthy Skin

Since ancient times, the Chinese have formulated many secret recipes for beautifying the skin and nourishing the hair. People believe that beauty obsessed some of the imperial concubines who regularly took recipes to remain young and beautiful even when they were in their 50s.

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How to overcome the inner weakness and achieve success

I am a human being, and I have a passion for excellence and success. I work hard to achieve success. 
In my investigation to see why some people are successful in their family and professional life, I discovered something, which may interest my readers; that is, how to get self-confidence by eliminating negative self-talk.  
We all know what self-confidence is. But what should we do to have confiance en soi? So let us say, the first thing to do to gain self-confidence is to try to defeat the so-called, self-defeating voice inside our heads. Self-defeating voice is the one you hear in your head saying: you are not good enough or short up, they will find your idea ridiculous. It always tries to keep you down the stairs. 
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Time worth a fortune, learn how to manage it

From the day we were born we have a limited time to live, so it is important to understand time and to know how to use it wisely.

Although the concept of time applies to our daily life, the place where its value is seemingly apparent is the workplace, because our professional life is tightly tied to minutes and seconds we spend, so by analyzing time usage on a regular basis, it is possible to understand the most efficient ways to use it both in and out of the workplace.
Have you ever been warned by your direct supervisor for being late at work? I hope you had excuses for that. However, if you want to use your time efficiently to accomplish all that you need to do at work or wherever else, believe me, you need to be aware of the habits and attitudes that shape your use of time. Sometimes people call it time management. If you don’t want to be stressed in your day-to-day activities you have to know how to manage your time. Bear in mind that time is like a sword, if you don’t cut it, it cuts you.
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How to figure out your goal

In the previous post I was talking about building influential attitudes and how to plan for a successful future. In this post I’m going to introduce you to well-defined steps to follow for finding your career direction, in case you still thinking how to start.

Setting your Goal
First of all, let see what goal means.
Well, if you are with me, I’ll say, goal is nothing more than your statement of intention; that is, your personal declaration of what you want and what you plan to focus on. what if we say, what you intend to achieve.
In order your goal to be effective, it has to be:
1) Specific, that is, it has to specify in detail your desired result
2) Measurable, the goal states your target in measurable terms so you will know when you have arrived as well as where you are at any specific time.
3) Achievable, a goal is physically possible to accomplish within any defined limitation
4) Realistic, the achievement of your goal depends not only the specific time you allocate to it, but also the availability of resources in that purpose, and
5) Timed, there must be a calendar date by which you plan to achieve it

If these are the characteristics of your goal, it would be meaningful and then you can start by  identifying your values as I said in the previous post. Get clear on what is important to you. Although the set of values you hold dear today will surely change in the course of your life. Let say, if today you consider intellectual stimulation and friendship as strong values, in another stage of your life you will prioritize family life and friendship. It is likely that no one job will honor all of your values, but bear in mind that the important is to know what your values are, so you know what kind of compromise you are willing to make.

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